About Will

Will Cassilly, Classical Homeopath
In 1989 , while I was in graduate school in Counseling, I suddenly became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For the eight month duration of my illness, I tried many kinds of therapies, both allopathic and natural ones, without success. I felt so physically and emotionally drained I had to drop out of school.

One of the modalities I tried was Homeopathy. After the first two remedies my Homeopath prescribed didn’t alter my symptoms, I gave up on homeopathy. But out of desperation, I returned to my Homeopath six months later. Within days after taking the third homeopathic remedy, I felt as though someone turned a switch back on my nervous system. After two weeks, 90% of my symptoms vanished —I had my life back and was able to return to graduate school and complete my Masters degree in Counseling Psychology the following year.

In 1998, I felt a call to become a professional Homeopath, and began an intensive seven year course of study through the Caduceus Institute for Classical Homeopathy, under the direction of Willa Keizer. I also completed a three year course with Dr. Jeff Lester, Director of the Central Coast Academy of Homeopathic Medicine. In 2006 I received the designation of CCH, or Certified Classical Homeopath, certifying many hours of academic and clinical training and passing exams in homeopathy and western medicine and pathology.

I traveled to India in 2008 to study the Sensation Method with the Bombay Group of doctors, including the founder, Rajan Sankaran. For more than 20 years I have been taking many classes and workshops, with Lou Klein, Jeremy Scherer, Alize Timmerman, Farokh Master, Jayesh Shah, Sunil Anand, Karen Allen, and others.

In my private practice, clients have been successfully treated for mental and emotional problems, such as anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma, as well as a wide range of physical symptoms and illness. With my background in mental health, I am especially interested in working with people with psychological challenges. Homeopathy can be highly synergistic with psychotherapy, since both treatments work on a deep level and effect the whole person.

While the results of Homeopathic treatment are not always as immediate or dramatic as my first experience years ago, I have witnessed many remarkable healing transformations in people’s physical and emotional well being. I’ve also observed over the years that once someone is restored to a harmonious balance, other parts of their lives seem to come into balance, like career/job and relationships.