New Clients

I offer a free 15 minute consultation with anyone interested in learning more about homeopathy and the services I offer.   Call 831.477.7782

During Our First Appointment…

We’ll do an in-depth exploration of your physical, mental and emotional state and past history in order to determine the best homeopathic remedy for you. You will be asked to describe all your problems in detail as well as a complete description of everything that characterizes you, especially your feelings, sensations, sensitivity, psyche, and all that concerns you in terms of energy, sleep, appetite, digestion, etc. This thorough and initial interview requires approximately two hours. The better I understand your problems, the easier it is for me to find the specific and most similar remedy that matches all of your symptoms.

Please download and print the Client History Form and fill it out prior to your first visit.

After this meeting, I take some time to study the information gathered from you and analyze it using my intellect, intuition, numerous homeopathic books, and a computer program. In Classical Homeopathy, we use one remedy at a time which best matches a complete picture of you. A remedy is then chosen which is a micro dose of a plant, mineral, or animal substance.

Within a day or two, I will mail you your remedy with instructions on how to take it. There is a brief phone or email check-in (five minutes) after one to two weeks to see how to see how you are doing on your remedy and answer any questions you may have. A follow-up visit is scheduled approximately four weeks after taking the remedy to evaluate your response to the remedy and make changes to the remedy or potency, if necessary. Once an effective remedy is found, follow up visits are every 6 to 8 weeks.

Follow up appointments are usually 30 minutes in length. After the initial visit, Homeopathy requires a level of responsibility on your part to accurately report symptoms and changes that happen. Some clients find it helpful to keep a diary to help remember what has happened over the weeks between appointments. The more you are able to describe your symptoms to me, the better I’m able to make decisions on your treatment.

How long it take to get well varies with each individual according to your overall level of health, age, severity of your problems, and the amount and length of time using pharmaceuticals. If you are on the right remedy, there is usually a noticeable reduction of symptoms during the first couple of months. Choosing a homeopathic medicine is a complicated endeavor, and sometimes even the most experienced homeopath needs to try several different remedies to find the one that works best for you.

Homeopathy asks for more involvement from you than some other forms of medicine, but it also offers the possibility of a deeper more holistic healing, without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. And it holds out the possibility of a freedom of mind and body and a sense of well being that enables you to pursue your true dreams and aspirations.


Records of client visits and other transactions are confidential. I may discuss a case in a confidential manner with another homeopath, without disclosing any information by which you might be identified.