“I first met Will after my wife suggested I see a Classical Homeopath for a persistent cough that would not go away for months. With no prior experience with in homeopathy, I did not know what to expect and was a bit concerned I’d not benefit from the treatment. But my initial consultation with Will was an enlightening experience and I sensed a silent strength in Will that was reassuring. After taking the remedy for a short period of time I lost my cough and the shallow breathing that kept me worn down. Since finishing the remedy, I haven’t needed any more and I’m back to good health. I feel fortunate to have a thoughtful and intuitive professional like Will in my community.”
P.O. — Santa Cruz

“I found my passion in life again. ..healing so much in the short time I’ve been doing homeopathy.  Not like any kind of health experience I’ve had. I feel like I’m getting somewhere, that’s awesome, like getting your voice back, like getting better after being sick. I’ve been so impressed with Will’s thoroughness and the thought he puts into selecting remedies for my changing needs. His empathic presence sets me at ease that all my concerns are being addressed. I’ve recommended Will to others and will continue to do so.”
J.M. — Aptos

“This was my third attempt at homeopathy and the first one that truly altered me, worked, and settled into a lasting change. I was always very ethereal but had trouble getting into my bones and onto the ground. Will was so meticulous and thorough that he figured out the obscure remedy that was exactly what I needed. I never felt so balanced before. It’s a great feeling! He does an excellent job and I am grateful.”
Dr. L. M. — Soquel

“I’m coming out of my shell, connecting more with people easier. Just coming out, not filtering myself, that’s cool..feel more confident. Have more energy to got out and do stuff, do new things, be social. I’ve gotten better at speaking up, conveying my needs. Feel inspired, it’s OK to take up more space.”
L.T. — Santa Cruz

“Will brings compassionate listening, skillful understanding, and insightful knowledge to his work as a homeopathic practitioner. The remedies which he has given me have loosened old physical, mental, and emotional patterns and strengthened my vitality and sense of well being.”
M. M. — Santa Cruz

“My response to the remedy you gave me was fabulous. I slept well for the first time in weeks. I feel so relaxed. I can breathe better; my breath was jerking and short before. My nervous system has calmed down nicely. Thank you so much for your excellent prescription.”
H. R. — Watsonville

“Will has helped me to feel more balanced in my life. When I first came I was having a lot of anxiety and digestive problems and both are much better. I feel more centered since taking my remedy and I am able to sleep more soundly. Plus I have more energy and enthusiasm for life. ”
R.D. — Santa Cruz

“I feel blessed to have worked with you… feel more stable, calmer. Haven’t slept this well in years. Getting free of the sorrow. I’m better able to stay clear of dramas, don’t get hooked into it… clearer boundaries. I feel stronger emotionally. So grateful.”
K.B. — Santa Cruz

“Plagued by a persistent and uncomfortable facial rash for over a year, but unwilling to submit to mainstream band-aid treatment for my symptoms, I turned to homeopathy.  What good fortune to have stumbled upon Will Cassilly as I was new to the Santa Cruz area!  Will’s in-depth approach,  intuitive care and expertise has transformed my face.  I thought I was going to be saddled with scalding, itching cheeks forever.  But not now!  I am so grateful to you, Will.”
C.S.M. — Bonny Doon